How to Work From Home and Retire by 39

Do you want to retire by 39? Are you sick of your boss? I have a solution that will allow you to work from anywhere and work the amount of hours you want. You don’t need any experience or education just the tips I am about to give you and dedication.

I have tried all sorts of home based businesses but the only one that has worked for me is oil trading.

The following steps will get you started to trading oil and become wealthy.

1. Low minimum – Since oil contracts trade at around $300 you can start trading with a low amount of money. The $300 contract is highly leveraged so you control far more oil than $300 which can help you make money faster. It is not uncommon to double your money in a day using these contracts.

2. Paper Trade – Before you start trading any of your money you should practice by paper trading. Trading software takes some getting used to so paper trading will allow you to get comfortable using it while making trades. Once you feel comfortable paper trading you can move on to real trading.

3. Get Oil Trading Software – The most important part of oil trading is the trading software. Make sure you get good trading software since it does all the work for you by advising you when to buy or sell your oil holdings and is 100% responsible for your results.

No that you know how to work from home trading oil you should be able to retire by 39. Using this method will allow you to make more money than you could imagine once you practice and become familiar with trading oil.

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Nursing Homes and Retirement Homes in Canada

It is still customary for many people to think of “nursing homes” when they are considering care for aging loved ones. However, in Canada’s senior care industry, you will not hear many staff refer to “nursing homes.” The traditional “nursing home” in Canada is referred to as a long term care home, where patients will receive medical care and attention as warranted – perhaps from nurses on call around the clock.

The term “nursing home” also carries some negative connotations certainly and as a generic catchall term it is simply not fitting as a description of the many retirement living options available. In Canada today, senior care is increasingly adaptable and flexible, with a spectrum of options from complete independence to thorough care.

Some options you can find in retirement home living today include the following:

Active Adult Communities allow you to live in community with other people your own age with access to often-luxurious amenities such as a golf course, swimming pool, etc. These communities are usually age exclusive and the age of exclusion may be as low as 50 years. That doesn’t mean your grandkids can’t visit! They just can’t live with you.

Independent Living also allows you to live in an exclusive community but in this, you might also participate in communal meals and other activities. You may be protected by security and you may even want to hire your own home health care if needed.

Congregate Living may mix together people requiring various degrees of care, including (for example) independent seniors along with those who require help with house cleaning or other regular daily activities.

Long-term care homes offer residents care as required. Many people still think of these as “nursing homes.” These may be well-staffed with nurses and other medical staff and there may be many residents who require consistent care.

It’s important to note that the retirement home industry is responding to senior’s changing needs. The vast majority of retirement homes in Canada seek to treat residents with the very highest levels of respect, befitting those who have contributed so much to society in their lives. As the baby boomer generation puts their aging parents into retirement homes, they are demanding increased options and more respectful care. In fact, they are effecting changes that they will one day benefit from when they, too, decide to move into a retirement home.

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